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"I knew I wanted to incorporate lasers into my practice. After completing this course, I feel confident in the use of lasers as well as being able to make a good decision on which laser to purchase. I was very impressed and the price was affordable. I will pass the word on to my colleagues."
~ Donald Marks, DDS
"I needed some CE credits and Gloh Education was recommended to me by another dentist. I like the downloadable PDF files to study from and that it is connected to an accredited school. I would highly recommend this online training program."
~ Lindsay Goss, DMD
"Our dental team wanted to purchase some lasers because we saw the need for us to stay current with the latest technology. I took the course offered by GLOH Education which I found to be very informative and a great value. Thank you for offering this to the dental community!"
~ Denise Francis, DDS


Welcome to Global Laser Oral Health, LLC, (GLOH). This website is intended to provide the dental applicants with a basic knowledge of laser science and its clinical applications in dentistry.

This on-line programs consists of a  variety of modular components. Programs can range from 1 to 3 modules . Dr. Robert Levine, Director of Laser Dentistry at Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health, has taken the curriculum based program taught to the pre-doctoral students and developed it into a functional training program for the dental professional.

Our goal is to introduce you to laser science with its dental applications. This will allow you to decide if this technology is suitable for your dental practice.

With the growing demand of new technologies necessary to provide the optimal treatment for your patients, lasers could very well help you to achieve those goals. Our mission is to give you adequate knowledge of laser science prior to purchasing any laser equipment.

If you do decide to purchase a laser, those specific companies will provide hands-on training. Upon request, GLOH will also provide individualized hands-on training at your location. Feel free to browse our site and let us know how we may assist you.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

President of GLOH

Dr. Robert Levine, DDS

President of GLOH

Director of Laser Dentistry GLOH

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